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Company Highlight
Well-Tech Industrial (HK) Limited
Main Products: Christmas decorations, Plastic bead chains, Plastic ornaments, Metal c...
Major Markets: North America, Western Europe, Worldwide...
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 Products Highlight
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  Two Tone Foilage Twist Garland  
  • 5" x 9' two tone foilage twist garland  
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  Maple Twist Garland  
  • 5" x 9' maple twist garland  
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  Double Foilage Twist Garland  
  • 9' double foilage twist garland  
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  • Lantern  
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  Tinsel Tree Top Star  
  • 8" tinsel tree top star  
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  Tinsel Tree Top Star  
  • 10" tinsel tree top star  
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  Monster Tinsel  
  • 21' x 2 ply monster tinsel • Color: green + black  
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  Egg Garland  
  • 9' x 2 layers egg garland  
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  Halloween Garland - Pumpkin  
  • 9' halloween garland - pumpkin  
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  Holy Berry Garland  
  • 25' holy berry garland  
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  Large Star Garland  
  • 25' large star garland  
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  Easter Garland - Chicken  
  • 25' easter garland - chicken  
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  Big Butterfly Garland  
  • 25' big butterfly garland  
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  Bunny Garland  
  • 25' bunny garland  
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  Heart Garland  
  • 25' heart garland  
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  Two Tone Garland - St. Patrick Day  
  • 25' x 2 layers two tone garland - St. Patrick Day  
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  Halloween Garland - Ghost  
  • 3M halloween garland - ghost  
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  Flower Garland  
  • 25' x 2 ply flower garland  
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  Ball Cut Twist Garland  
  • 6" x 9' ball cut twist garland  
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  Stuff Tinsel  
  • 5" x 2M x 8ply stuff tinsel  
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  Fantasy Tinsel  
  • 2" x 9' x 5ply fantasy tinsel  
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  Big Chunk Cut Tinsel - Matt  
  • 4" x 2M x 5ply big chunk cut tinsel - matt  
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  Lace Tinsel  
  • 5" x 2M x 5ply lace tinsel  
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  Full Tile Cut Garland  
  • 3.5" x 3M x 5ply full tile cut garland  
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  Butterfly Tinsel  
  • 4" x 2M x 7ply butterfly tinsel  
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  Wavey Cut Tinsel  
  • 4" x 2M x 5ply wavey cut tinsel  
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  Dragon Fly Tinsel  
  • 3.5" x 2M x 4ply dragon fly tinsel  
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  Tara Cut Bubble Tinsel  
  • 3.5" x 2M x 5ply tara cut bubble tinsel  
Well-Tech Industri..
We are the manufacturer and exporter specialized in Christmas decorating items with more then 15 years in the industry. Our factory in Shen ...
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Office Address
Room 1601-02, 16th Floor,
Hua Fu Commercial Building,
111 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong.
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