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Company Highlight
Tang's Decoration Manufactory Limited
Main Products: Tinsel garlands, Traditional folding garlands, Indoor and outdoor deco...
Major Markets: North America, Western Europe...
Well-Tech Industrial (HK) Limited
Main Products: Christmas decorations, Plastic bead chains, Plastic ornaments, Metal c...
Major Markets: North America, Western Europe, Worldwide...
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 Products Highlight
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  Metallic Star Tinsel  
  • 3.5" x 1.8M x 5ply metallic star tinsel  
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  Ruffle Garland  
  • 1.5" x 2M x 8ply ruffle garland  
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  Three Tone Chunky Tinsel  
  • 5" x 2M x 8ply three tone chunky tinsel  
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  Two Tone Bulb Tinsel  
  • 3.5" x 2M x 3ply two tone bulb tinsel  
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  Bunny Tinsel  
  • 3.75" x 9' x 3ply bunny tinsel  
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  Laser Large Berry Tinsel  
  • 2.5" x 9' x 4ply laser large berry tinsel  
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  Snowflake Tinsel  
  • 3.5" x 2M x 4ply snowflake tinsel  
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  Comet Tinsel  
  • 5" x 2M x 6ply comet tinsel  
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  Zig Zag Garland  
  • 4" x 2M x 4ply zig zag garland  
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  Metallic Shred  
  • 11" x 0.7mm x 10gm appr. metallic shred  
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  • 1.5 OZ shred  
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  Hanging Lantern  
  • Hanging lantern  
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  • 8" x 2 tier lantern  
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  • 12' x 2 tier lantern  
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  Spiral Lantern with Flowers  
  • 8" x 1 tier spiral lantern with flowers  
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  Diamond Lametta  
  • Diamond lametta 5mm x 7.5m x 13 stands  
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  Crinkle Lametta  
  • Crinkle lametta 400 strands x 45cm  
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  • Lametta 500 strands x 45cm  
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  Star Icicle  
  • 7.5M long x 13 strands star icicle  
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  Wavey Lametta  
  • Wavey lametta 250 strands x 50cm  
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  Wavey Lametta  
  • Wave lametta 300 strands x 50cm • Multi-color  
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  • 16" bell  
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  • 12" burst  
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  Pine Tree  
  • 8" pine tree  
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  Pearl / Shinny Pine Tree  
  • 12" pearl / shinny pine tree  
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  Two Tone Star Flake  
  • 16" two tone star flake  
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  • 8" ball  
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  Ball - Matt & Shinny  
  • 12" ball - matt & shinny  
Tang's Decoration ..
With over 39 years of solid experience in manufacturing PVC Christmas decorations, Tang's products are reputed for the good quality and the ...
Solution Oriented
Well-Tech Industri..
We are the manufacturer and exporter specialized in Christmas decorating items with more then 15 years in the industry. Our factory in Shen ...
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Office Address
Room 1601-02, 16th Floor,
Hua Fu Commercial Building,
111 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong.
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