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Development : Hand-Drawing Department / Design Department
Development : Jewelry CAD Department
Development : Jewelry CAD - Machine
Development : Modle Making Department
Production Line : Wax Injection Department
Production Line : Wax Setting Department
Production Line : Casting Department
Production Line : Filling Department
Production Line : Setting Department
Production Line : Setting Department
Production Line : Polishing Department
Production Line : Plating Department
Q.C. Department
Export Department

China Artist Jewelry Manufactory Co. registered in Hong Kong in 2000. There are over 300 skillful craftsmen working in our factory which is located in Southern China Panyu, Guangzhou. 

Main Products
We produce kinds of jewelry in 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k gold and 925 sterling silver setting with diamond, cubic zirconia, pearl, gemstone and synthetic gemstone etc.

Our products including rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, body piercing jewelry and so on.

Advantages Of Our Company
1) Location - as the largest processing base of gold and silver jewelry, Panyu Guangzhou has a perfect sea and air integrated transport system extending in all directions, connecting the two wings of the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao East transport hub.
2) Product Diversity - We seek innovative, creativity, and diversity. Our powerful design team can meet the taste of various clients. We also welcome your material and your own designs.
3) World wide market - our main market are Europe, America, Japan and so on,  also we have many years of export experience in the UK market.
Complete Production Line
Development Department:
Hand Drawing Design Dept.
Jewelry CAD Dept.
Modle Making Dept.
Production Lines:
Wax Injection Dept
Wax Setting Dept.
Casting Dept.
Filling Dept.
Setting Dept.
Polishing Dept.
Plating Dept.
QC Department & Packing Department:
QC Dept.
Export Dept.
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 2000
Annual Sales Volume : >= USD 50 millions
Major Markets : Central & South America, Eastern Europe, Japan, North America, Western Europe, Worldwide
Annual Capacity : >= 50 Million pieces
Factory Size : 30,001 - 50,000 sq. feet
Number of Workers : 201 - 500
Number of Office Staffs : 1 - 10
Number of QC Staffs : 11 - 25
  Products Highlight
18K Gold & Gemstone Ring
  18K Gold & Gemstone Ring  
18K Gold & Gemstone Ring
  18K Gold & Gemstone Ring  
14K Diamond Ring
  14K Diamond Ring  
14K Diamond Ring
  14K Diamond Ring  
18K Gold Diamond Pendant
  18K Gold Diamond Pendant  
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