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Jelly Candle
Jelly Candle & Real Specimen Key Chain
Key Chain
LED Light Candle Holder
LED Light Chain with Specimen Light Holder
LED Light Memo Stand
LED Light Stand
Memo Stand
Paper Weight
Paper Weight - Insect
Stirring Rod
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New Trend Products Company Ltd. was established in 2007. We are an exporter and manufacturer. We are using difference kind of materials and real specimen to combine with acrylic and poly resin raw material to produce difference kind of gift products. We have many own design new items for customer to select. Customer designs always welcome.

You are welcome to visit ours showroom in Hong Kong office.

Ours products are mainly exported to United States of America and Europe. We are keeps providing efficient service, good quality, delivery on time and attractive prices for ours customer.

Company Information
Year of Establishment : 2007
Annual Sales Volume : USD 250 - 500 thousand
Major Markets : Central & South America
Annual Capacity : 1 - 2 Million pcs.
Factory Size : 15,001 - 20,000 sq. meter
Number of Office Staffs : 1 - 10
Number of QC Staffs : 1 - 10
  Products Highlight
Jelly Candle w/ Glass Container
  Jelly Candle w/ Glass Container  
Butterfly Paper Weight (Common Bluebottle)
  Butterfly Paper Weight (Common Bluebottle)  
Jelly Candle w/ Glass Container
  Jelly Candle w/ Glass Container  
Seed Key Chain
  Seed Key Chain  
Golded Leaf Beetle
  Golded Leaf Beetle  
LED Light Stand
  LED Light Stand  
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