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Brand Name - Raymond Renee
Brand Name - Maxel

Established in watch business for 30 years.  Very experienced in case, band & dial manufacturing and complete watch assembling.  Focus in mid- to high-end quality: ladies’ bracelets, slim leather bands, stainless steel watches and also in kit-sets.  Over the years we have developed strong partnerships in different markets.

Company Vision
Aiming to be a reliable OEM /ODM solution provider, UNILUX is committed to help you achieve primarily the following five goals:
Managing Product Concept into Market Victory
Meeting the Need of Cost Competitiveness
Satisfying the Want of Lead-time Reduction
Exceeding Customer Expectation
Increasing Profits
Future Development
Expand more communication channels to customers for more efficient information sharing and product development.
Equipped with a complete know-how in watch manufacturing and 30 years experience in watch industry, we have developed a quality-conscious culture throughout the organization and cost-effective supply network.
We provide one-stop-shop services:
Clients will gain personalized service and attention.
Wide collection of models in different specifications.
R&D: Realizing your ideas / concepts – Design (2D/3D) >> Engineering >> Prototype (CNC-assisted)
Quality assurance: QC starts from Engineering >> During production >> Before shipment
Office / Factory
Hong Kong Office:
Sales & Marketing, Design, Accounting, Showroom
Shenzhen Departments:
Production Control
Materials Control
Engineering / Design
Shenzhen Equipments:
CNC machines, complete set of prototyping & molding facilities
Tailor-made Plating testers
Assembly lines in dust/humidity-controlled room
Various Water Resistant testers
Brand Name
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 1980
Annual Sales Volume : USD 1 - 5 millions
Major Markets : Australasia, Central & South America, Middle East, South East Asia, Western Europe
Annual Capacity : < 500,000 pcs.
Factory Size : 15,001 - 20,000 sq. meter
Number of Workers : 26 - 50
Number of Office Staffs : 1 - 10
Number of QC Staffs : 1 - 10
  Products Highlight
Ladies Bracelet Watch
  Ladies Bracelet Watch  
Ladies Bracelet Watch
  Ladies Bracelet Watch  
Metal Band Watch
  Metal Band Watch  
Leather Strap Watch
  Leather Strap Watch  
Ladies Bracelet Watch
  Ladies Bracelet Watch  
Metal Band Watch
  Metal Band Watch  
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