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Bra Production
Quality Control

For more than 30 years, Wing Bun Company Limited has designed and manufactured fine Lingerie and Intimated Apparel for both the oversea and the domestic markets. We are based in Hong Kong and our factories are located in China and Macau. We employ more than 1,500 employees and we have established a reputation of high quality manufacturer in the ligerie industry.

Form yarn to sewn garment, we control every aspect of manufacturing. Our vertical integrated manufacturing complex in China consistetly produces quality products. Our new fabric mill has involoved in Knitting, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing and we also own a Molding factory. This set up has enabled to produce goods in an efficient manner and our lead time is greatly shortened. Quality and service is our main priority.
Company Vision
To produce top quality product with
Competitive Price
Short Lead Time
Execellent Services to our customer
Future Development
Colour Department
Modern computerize colour matchhing system
To improve our lead time
To improve our quality in this challenging environment
Most important to serve our customer better
Design Department
Provide unique design for our customer
New collection every season
Factory Facilities
Sewing Machine Type
Lockstitch Machine, Zig-Zag Machine, Corrputerized Bar Tack, Waistband Elastication Machine, Overlock Thred, Flat Lock Machine, Others.
Moulding Machine Type
Bullet Moulding, Rigid Moulding
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 1976
Annual Sales Volume : USD 25 millions
Major Markets : North America, Western Europe
Annual Capacity : 80,000 - 1.2 Million doz.
Production Lead Time : • new order - 3 months
• repeat order - 2 months
Factory Size : 118,000 sq. feet
Number of Workers : 1,500
Number of Office Staffs : 40
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Bra & Pantie
  Bra & Pantie  
Bra & Pantie
  Bra & Pantie  
Bra & Pantie
  Bra & Pantie  
Bra & Pantie
  Bra & Pantie  
Bra & Pantie
  Bra & Pantie  
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