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Woven Labels Department
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YAT FUNG was established since 1986, we are specialized in label making. We're providing high quality and varied woven label, patch, zipper pull, colorful ribbon, printed label, screen printed label, double sided "PAXAR" printed label, rubber label, all kinds of hangtags, paper stickers....etc. All these products suit all kinds of garment, handbag, toys, shoes...etc.

We manufactured the labels in Hong Kong and the hangtags in China. We supply quality product, prompt delivery and competitive price.

Our strategy is focused:
1. To provide the high quality of products and comprehensive services
2. Enhance the production techniques
3. Flexible product planning to satisfy all kinds of customers demand

We're here to support and serve you with our production & merchandising team at all times.
Company Information
Year of Establishment : 1987
Major Markets : North America, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, China
Number of Office Staffs : 6-10
  Products Highlight
Size Sticker For Garment
  Size Sticker For Garment  
Laser Cut Woven Label
  Laser Cut Woven Label  
Metal Tack
  Metal Tack  
Satin Woven Label
  Satin Woven Label  
Paper Spare Button Bag
  Paper Spare Button Bag  
Printed Care Label
  Printed Care Label  
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